Monday, June 30, 2008

Jasmine to focus on broadband in Thailand


Jasmine International Plc has identified broadband as its flagship business after undertaking a major overhaul of its state-like organisational structure. The communications provider is also changing to a flat management structure with flexible working practices.CEO Pete Bodharamik said Jasmine was preparing to introduce new facets of broadband service and application platforms.

The company has earmarked almost two billion baht to expand broadband coverage and WiFi hotspots nationwide this year. It also plans to jump into WiMax once the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) grants licences.

''We aim to become the number one broadband service provider in Thailand by 2010, with one million subscribers out of an expected total of three million customers,'' said Mr Pete.

He said the company expected to increase the proportion of broadband revenue to 80% of total earnings over the next two years, compared with 30% currently.

Revenue is expected to top 10 billion baht in 2010, up from four billion in 2007.

Jasmine now has 300,000 broadband subscribers and the figure is expected to reach 400,000 by the end of this year.

Mr Pete said the company was also looking for new businesses to replace existing concession-based businesses, which are scheduled to expire in 2011.

Given that Thailand has 18 million households while the number of broadband users as little as one million, he said broadband had huge room to grow.

Mr Pete said Jasmine was ramping up marketing to promote high-speed broadband service, with the aim to increase revenue to seven billion baht this year.

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